Monday, November 14, 2011

iPhone 4S Uptrend Pricing

My wife and I were passing by City Mall, Kota Kinabalu a couple of days ago and came across the same retail shop she had a first glance of her current Galaxy S2 earlier this year. This retailer seem to have the upper hand in terms of getting new smart phones early in their product lines.

While we were able to fiddle with the S2 for considerable amount of time last time around, the white iPhone 4S set was out of touch (not literally), it was nicely wrapped in plastic and the salesperson did not allow us to unwrap or switch it on to have a better idea. It was understandable considering at that time not a single premise has this set yet.

I'm fine with the no-fiddling house rule. What irked me was the price tag of RM3,399 for a 16GB variant. That is roughly USD1,085 compared to an unlocked set in the United States of USD649 (RM2033). In Singapore, unlocked set is retailed at SGD948 (RM2,316).

I suppose this is all about brand and people's perception and acceptance of certain products coupled with shortage of supply. But at RM3,399 I just think one should wait for the dust to settle and then decide if that amount of money is well spent.

A more likely pricing scenario (I believe still few more weeks away) is as follow:

iphone price nframe
*iPhone 4S prices are derived from Unlocked iPhone 4S retailed prices, Singapore

So, there you go. Don't pay un-necessary money unless you are a person who wants everything on the dot, or you are buying this for a very, very special occasion and hence money is not an issue in your equation.

Every time this company comes out with a new iPhone, for a similarly specced unit there will be a drop in recommended retail price. This is a common trend for electronic gadgets and iPhone should not be an exception. The above table shows the summary of their previous launchings, and taking 16GB variant as an example the price was lowered on every subsequent release. Expect the same for the 4S.

For a more street-priced feel of iPhone 4S in Singapore, visit here.

For an insight of the overpriced sets in Malaysia, visit here. By the way, this reseller offers iPhone 4S, 16GB here at RM3,099. Still exorbitant.


Armstrong said...

I think S2 is better than the Iphone..., no mater the normal ones or the ones with S ;D I still think Android phones are better, especially S2.

I'm using S2 myself and my gf is using Iphone 4. My S2 is more flexible in themes, and also, a battery than can be changed! :D Too bad the battery don't last long though if using Wifi. But still, I love Samsung Galaxy S2!

P.S The S2 camera is amazing and also the video quality. Macam salesperson S2 pula sia kan.

de engineur said...

@Armstrong. Good points mate. IMO, the bottom line is individual preference. It's how they use their phone, how comfortable and ease they feel using one. Today people do a lot of things with their s/phones.
To be fair Galaxy S2 has to be pitted against iPhone 4S and not iPhone 4. I agree the S2 takes awesome still pics & video. So, I hope to make a very objective comparison once I get hold of the 4S hopefully at year-end.

Gunaqz said...

Saya ada pigi Apple store di Penrith, mencuba 4s. My opinion, kalau ingin membeli 4s kerana ingin menikmati ciri-ciri 'voice command', please lower ur expectation (if any).

Reason being is, there is a big possibility it won't recognise Malaysian's English accent. I believe it is designed to understand American slang (but that's just my opinion). Sebabnya, I though my English pronunciation was not that bad but still, 4s 'laughed' at me. My OZ friend yang cakap English slang Australia pun 4s terkial-kial mo paham.

Other than that, 4s is great! But I won't buy it, I have my eyes on samsung galaxy note now.


Gunaqz said...

Oh, and I think RM3,399 is too much for 16GB! For that kind of price, it is worth every minute to wait until they lower the price.

de engineur said...

@Gunaqz. From earlier reviews (, the 'talking assistant', Siri, was said to respond well to accents in Canada, the UK, and Australia. From your experience it seem to hav proved otherwise.

And yes RM3,399 is ridiculous. Klu ikut trend sepatutnya dlm RM2,090 - RM2,290 saja.

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

RM3,399 for 16GB? To much.

gunsirit said...

I am back with a new look on my blog. Saya lama sasat sana hutan bah, itu la tidak updtae blog..ehhe

de engineur said...

@SJB. ya, can even buy a MacBook Air

@gunsirit. Nicely designed blogsite.
Harap2 ada dapat pelanduk sana htan, sedap tu.

kay masingan said...

oh, saya tidak akan mampu..mahal betul o