Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Go Ahead, Farting is Healthy

Question: Does everybody fart?

Ok I know, I should've used passing gas instead of that cute little word farting. Anyway, here is food for today:

Source: Daily Express, Nov. 6, 2011

In case the image doesn't work on your display I'll repeat the text bit for you:

    "Without exception! Gas ends up in the large intestine from air that is swallowed and from the action of the bacteria that live there. It is mostly nitrogen and carbon dioxide with some hydrogen and methane mixed in, with tiny amounts of skatole, indole, methanethiol, hydrogen sulfide and dimethyl sulfide to give it a stinky smell. Everyone farts but some people take enough care with the release that they are rarely caught out."

There you go, release the gas to a glorious sound, it's healthy, totally green act on your part and it does not hurt anyone around you. Ok, maybe a little.

Thanks for farting reading.



princess said...


Gunaqz said...

LOL That's funny!

Oh, and please don't do that excuse to fart in my presence kio. hahahaha.

gunsirit said...

we cannot live without farting..ehehhe

Belle Edwin said...

hahahaha...happy farting! hahahaa

KY Chua said...

That's the spirit. Fart to your heart's content. It's green and healthy. :D BTW, Have you watched the banned episode of Mythbuster about fart as fuel on Youtube? :)

de engineur said...

@princess, Gunaqz, gunsirit, Belle Edwin: let's fart & do it like the choir do (multiple voices). LOL

@KY Chua. Haven't seen that one yet. Is it still available on Youtube? Any link?

KY Chua said...

YouTube link here. Link still okay last time I check. Now more than 2.7 million views already. ;)

de engineur said...

@KY Chua. Thanks for the link. That thick-whiskered guy looks familiar.

maslight said...

Don't hold up a fart or you'll spontaneously combust XD

Zezebel Lair said...

Honest to say, saya antara manusia yang susah pasal buang2 angin ni, sendawa pun susah, inikan pula farting..sengsara dengan macam2 angin dalam perut..huhuhuh