Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's Early Christmas for Daily Express

Today's popular news: Party-mood Young Tigers mauled by Syria.

Wrong! I am a football crazy but this time it's the smaller prints that did it for me.

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My copy of the Daily Express - 24 November 2011

Alright, I admit it. That headline Syria Spoil the party caught my attention. It is a summary of the sad truth about our junior football team Young Tigers, Harimau Muda. They won the SEA GAMES football tourney barely 2 days ago and I bet many of the players are still celebrating as Syria put two goals into their net.

..and it is so important that I circled the word "Sport" on the top left-hand corner.

Not quite. Look closely at the enlarged image below.

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See it? Yes, it's the date. According to Daily Express it is Christmas eve already. This image is not doctored and you can check your copy if you still have it.

Okay, so, today is 24th December 2011. Pssstt!! It was actually my wife who spotted the small error and I suggested 2412 should be a lucky number for today. LOL

Moving on. Buoyed by our 'massive discovery' and believing that we would make it to the history book, we combed the papers for more golds and true enough we found one in the Bahasa Melayu section.


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Segmen Sukan Harian Express

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Khamis 23 November 2011? Hari Khamis bukan 24 haribulan kah?

This is nothing less than bad but I still prefer the 24-December-2011 blip. I really should now start wishing people Merry Christmas.

Sembang kosong kopi-o saja. Jangan marah.


princess said...

har har har!

tajam mata kamu dua bah!

aReLaN said...

hahaha...xprnh pn bce smpi ke atas tu sme btul

de engineur said...

petugas (printing/proofreading) malam tu letih sangat agaknya.

Zoe said...

bukan senang nak dapat akhbar dari masa hadapan.paling koman nak kena kawan ngan doraemon.pinjam dia punya time traveller machine

gunsirit said...

Kogutan mangkali itu proofreader tu ehhehe..

KY Chua said...

Hahaha. :D I don't even notice it. :D

Gunaqz said...

Wah, kagum lah ko notice tu haribulan. I wouldn't even care to check the date. hehe

tehr said...

kalau aku memang tak perasan la pasal tarikh tu
aku baca isi berita je

kay masingan said...

tajam pengelihatan ko ni...

Armstrong said...

Both languages also got wrong ka... wrong date and wrong day. LOL. What's happening to that paper hehee.

I'm sure the boss figured that out and dealt with the people who are behind the mistake. Putung gaji kali.

Happy Monday, Floyd!

Belle Edwin said...

paling manang!! hahaha
kegutan durang tu di Daily Express

Zezebel Lair said...

Mesti dorang nda sabar mau sambut krismas sudah tu..hihih lama sudah nda baca ni paper..balik2 paper 'The Star' sj...balik Sabaha 24 Dec ni, jumpa lah sama ni paper balik.. :D