Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nightshot Collections

Firstly, Happy New Year to fellow bloggers and readers. Hope it's not toooooo lateee for that now....

My new year greetings is a fireworks shot which never look like a fireworks at all. I have not learnt on the technique at the time of shooting but just took a few snaps as they were really coming up and about, and with a camera held at the wrong time I've just have to try my luck. [No firework shots here]

nature's torch
A chance shot at the lightning at West Coast of Sabah

Evening Fountain at Citymall Kota Kinabalu, a commercial/shopping centre fast growing in popularity.

kk city
Evening view of Kota Kinabalu seafront.

petronas towers
Cloudy Towers - hand-held shot of the popular Petronas Twin Towers minutes before it rained.

sea of balloons
Vantage view of Marina Bay, Singapore. The folks wrote their new year wishes on balloons and threw them into the sea.


daisy said...

suka dengan angle dia

Floyd said...

Thanks, daisy!

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