Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Post What U Like - but watch your back!

I saw this while reading business news today, really did not expect biz headlines would contain something like that.
Yeah it's nothing to do with business but it's a good reminder to whoever is using the Internet and cellphone while at work, or in one's everyday life for that matter.
If you are an employee to a company, you should be mindful of the followings, according to Associated Press (The e-Policy Handbook, 2nd Edition):

  • Remember that anything you do on a company-issued computer or cell phone - in or out of the office - could be tracked by a boss, the courts or a regulator.
  • Many employers monitor Web site use, keystrokes, instant messages and e-mail. Some even archive text messages on work cell phones.
  • Avoid mentioning your company, boss or co-workers in online postings unless you have permission to do so.
  • Avoid using any device to take or transmit any company-related photos, videos or other recordings without permission from management.
  • This includes any images of company buildings or logos and embarrassing or unprofessional photos of co-workers or clients.
  • Know your company's policy on social networking, video Web sites, e-mail and other tech-related activities.
  • Regularly delete personal e-mail from your work account.
  • Remember when searching for a job that many employers check social networking sites, blogs and other online activities.

Pardon my copy-and-paste job but I've quoted my source, so I guess that's okay with AP.

Be safe and don't get into trouble!

"Don't trouble trouble, before trouble troubles you!" - Double D, TraxFM


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