Monday, May 25, 2009

HOAX Message a.k.a Tipah Tipu

Because we are faced with and being fed with a lot of fake deals, scams, hoaxes and phishing webs, it would be a good idea to learn some common facts about them.

If you receive an e-mail asking you to take some form of action do some simple tests. Look for one or more of the folowings; they are the top telltale characteristics of a hoax:
  1. Subject line has a sense of urgency, such as - WARNING!!, IMPORTANT!!, URGENT!!, VIRUS ALERT!!
  2. Request to share the "important" warning to everyone in your address book or, as many people as you possibly can.
  3. It contains some form of seemingly-legitimate-quote from big corporations or government. Eg. "A friend who works for Petronas received this warning...". Watch out for statements like "This is very serious", or "This is not a hoax" - by such virtue, it already is.
  4. The e-mail contains prediction of catastropic consequences if you don't act immediately - such as virus attact on your hard disk, death by accident, etc.
  5. Very often you will see a lot of >>>>> marks on the left margin. These marks show that people fooled by the hoax have forwarded it many times before it reach your address.

REMEMBER, there is no such thing as E-mail Tracking, no big company is going to give you Free Certificate or a Free Car, and sending thousands of e-mail to your friends and kins Will Not provide any relief or medical care to an ill/injured child!

You have been told! The next time you receive an e-mail urging you to forward message containing the above, please think twice before jumping into perpetuating the hoax.
For more info on how to identify a hoax message check this one out. Also find out more here
All the best!


Kris and Nadia said...

ya agree wif you..mana da la org mau bg hadiah free2 .. panipu tu scam :)

de Engineur said...

It's difficult to distinguish fake or genuine plea for help; sometimes it's all about wisdon and our reasoning. So, our conscience play a big part also.