Sunday, May 3, 2009

Only in Malaysia? - Sued for loss of virginity!

You have heard of people suing for the weirdest of things in the USA, such as dump truck driver suing his employer over mistake of his own. Of people suing McDonald's for serving coffee that is too hot, of burglar who broke into a house and sue the owner because he got cut on the glass, of people asking for a ride and when an accidents happens, your passenger will sue you for medical expenses, and the list goes on.
That's in the USA right? Well..welcome home to Malaysia. Here's one for a light breakfast treat for you - Loss of virginity: Woman files suit against hubby.

This happened in Kuching and it is about a school teacher who sued her husband, claiming for a few million ringgit damages over the loss of her virginity. The article by The Malaysian Bar stated that "..she made a claim (from the husband) for the loss of her virginity, ‘loss of damage for humiliation’ and mental torture including harm suffered. In addition, she was also asking for the Kancil car given to her as a gift (out of a promise) to be returned."

I do not mean to interfere with the proceeding but I would be very much interested at how this would be concluded. I'm sure it will have big impact on how people look at "strange" cases in the future. Hmm.... I better keep my mouth shut!

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