Sunday, April 12, 2009

Visitors?? at Salut Seafood Restaurant

The restaurant is about 20 minutes driving from Kota Kinabalu and is also accessible by sea, well, that is if you have jetski or boat to add thrill to your seafood endeavour. You can get just about everything from shell foods but a bit limited in fish selections.

You can see this giant clam shell at the entrance but not really sure if any of the patron actually consumed them. Hmmm...

If you are regular diner at Salut Seafood Restaurant, chances are you would be joined by fellow diners who travel via road. That afternoon I was pleasantly surprised to see a convoy of 10 private water crafts (PWC). They came all the way from Miri Sarawak and dock right infront of the restaurant jetty.

Some of the PWCs of the faraway diners. We have Yamaha WaveRunners, Kawasaki JetSkies but I did not notice any Bombardier?

One for the album. Preparing to leave now.

Mr. Convoy Leader reminded everyone of the shallow water on the left of where he is standing.

Some macho poses by the convoy participants:

"Okay, see ya! We will definately come back"

Dia ni lah yang paling friendly! Wanted his pics taken again and again..heheh

He said "Thank you, it was a very good reception and good services". Errr...did not really catch what he meant by the two last words.

And a showtime before they eventually headed for Kota Kinabalu:

Some circling circus, play catching, and whale-water-fountain actions.

Adios! See ya.

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