Friday, April 17, 2009

Sunday Tamu @Gaya Street

Gaya street is well known for its tamu or street fair. The weekly tamu stretch from the Old Post office, present day Sabah Tourism Board, STB, and ends towards Dataran Deasoka, near DBKK building. STB was built in 1916 by the British and well preserved until today. The first sight at the street tamu would be the Jesselton Hotel, a comfortable two-star hotel, also built during colonial times. Gaya Street is sandwiched between two rows of old but well preserved 2-storey shops where one can find many backpacker hostels and budget inns.

The tamu starts as early as 6.00am and by 1.00pm most stall owners would start packing their merchandise and ready to call it a day. One would be able to find almost anything from, ancient craft and modern handicraft and DIY hobby stuffs to aquarium fishes to pets such as rabbit, dogs and cats to foodstuffs to flowers, you name it they may have it. On most weeks visitors can enjoy foot massage by the disabled for a fee/donation.

This gentleman is playing the Kulintangan passionately and he welcomed his audience to take pictures of him.

Colourful selection of decorative vases

One of the many handicraft stalls

Freshly roasted coffee popularly known as Kopi Tenom. It says "roasted with mangrove charcoal"


Washed-up and polished shells attract many admirers and are sold cheaper here

Flower pots usually occupy considerable amount of space and that is why one wouldn't be able to see the full selection at the tamu.

Fresh honey and herbs claimed to have health benefit to both men and women, by the stall owner


kadazan man said...

gaya street fair used to be the only thing going on in kk during its early days. remember going there on sunday when i was in itm-kuala menggatal.

Anonymous said...

i just like the environment. Stuffy but nice crowd and theres plenty of smiles too. Bravo kota kinabalu