Friday, April 10, 2009

Kota Kinabalu PC Fair 2009

That happened on 3 - 5th April 2009 at Centre Point Sabah(CPS). This one, being outside the PIKOM schedule of event, was themed PC Show 2009 by CPS management. I went there on 4th April and gosh! it was bumper-to-bumper for both outside and inside of CPS. It was awfully difficult to get empty parking bay but once inside the shopping mall, it was all smile and satisfaction; well at least for a PC-fair hunter like me.

I can tell you it was very crowded, you can practically become "glued" to the person in front of you. Best bet a pervert can go for to quench some thirst!

Crowded it was..but I can see you, MU fan with nice black t-shirt. Hehe

"And you, yes you! I can see you", he spotted me taking pic. He should be proud, a lot of lenglui visited his booth. I think.

"We've got everything from big to small. What colour would you like ma'am?"

He was fondly talking to the lady in the laptop's web cam (look at the Laptop) before I came in to "interrupt" them. I was damn jahat ler. He willingly smile for the album tho.

MiSS was the word of the day during the 3-day PC Fair. MiSS stands for Maxprint ink Supply System, claimed to be able to print up to 2000pages before you need to replace the cartridge. That's amazing 2cents per page for black and 6cents per page for colour print. Some booths called it CiSS (Continuous ink Supply System)

There you go, Canon MP145 comes with MiSS costs you only RM239. Just next booth you'll find similar item for RM259. I got myself an All-in-one Printer, Canon MX318 for RM399. Next door you'll find yourself setbacked at RM459. It really pays to take the trouble to visit every booth and get yourself bumped, literally, in the process!

And i got to meet these beautiful people to collect my surprise gifts (a shopping trolley and a sling bag) for buying Canon products. (p/s: the guy isn't me, he is one of the crew manning the Canon service centre)

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is the guy in maroon you? want to tackle the girl ah? hahahaha!