Friday, March 27, 2009

Uniquely Penampang

The sigah (sigar in Dusun) is a headgear mostly assosiated with the Kadazan and Dusun people of Sabah, worn mainly during the communities traditional celebration or other social functions. In the olden days, sight of one wearing the headgear was quite common but the newer generation seem to regard the wearing as just for traditional introduction to visitors.

In Penampang, the sigah was immortalised by replicating it into community buildings, decorative structures, and erection of statue wearing sigah.

Statue of one of the earlier Kadazan leaders which was relocated from a filthy wastewater oxidation pond to a more appropriate location at the centre of Donggongon town in 2004.

Clock tower built between Dragon Restaurant and Ching Fah Restaurant. Note the sigah-like cap.

Giant sigah: Concrete structure to symbolise the Kadazan as the largest ethnic group in Penampang - located at a round about linking roads between Kota Kinabalu-Papar-Tambunan-Donggongon town.

Only in Penampang: A community hall called Dewan Huguan Siou in Kg Tuavon, in the shape of a sigah.


Anonymous said...

this article is interesting since youth nowadays doesn't know anything about this kind of stuff but it will be more interesting if there's more content and info

de engineur said...

@Anon. Sorry for the late reply.
The initial intention was to show photographic evidence of the abundance of the 'sigah' in and around Donggongon township. There are other articles about this headgear written by others elsewhere. Neway, thanks for reading and commenting.